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Terça-feira, Maio 30, 2023

Iran: Retirees protesting in Tehran, raising significant demands

Retirees rallied outside the Iranian regime’s Labor Ministry in Tehran on Tuesday, protesting the authorities’ refusal to reply to their demands.

The protesters were chanting:

Political prisoners must be released”

“Cannons, tanks, documentaries are no longer effective,” referring to the regime’s domestic crackdown and a so-called documentary aired by state TV of two activists supposedly “confessing to their crimes.” Iranians inside the country and abroad have condemned these broadcasts, accusing the regime of resorting to its known practice of obtaining “confessions” under duress.

Retirees in Iran have a long history of holding major rallies against the mullahs’ regime.

According to a statement issued by the Iranian opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) on January 2 of this year:On Wednesday, January 2, retirees in Tehran and Mashhad and farmers in Isfahan demonstrated in protest of the tyranny of the clerical regime, their dire livelihood and the failure to implement the deceptive promises of the regime.

In Tehran, a large group of retirees gathered in front of the regime’s parliament. They chanted: Retiree, stand up, against oppression and discrimination; the government betrays, the parliament protects; we will not rest until we get our rights; no nation has ever seen such a lousy parliament; cry out from this much injustice; they use Islam to suppress people; imprisoned teacher must be freed; political prisoner must be freed; worker, teacher, student, unity, unity; enough oppression, our table is empty; we are all together; inflation, grief, answer Rouhani. At the same time, in Mashhad, the retirees gathered and demanded their rightful claims.

In Isfahan, thousands of deprived farmers gathered at Khaju Bridge and the Zayandehrood dry riverbed. They demanded their water right and the opening of water flow to Zayandehrood and protested against the failure to implement the deceptive promises of the regime. The protesters, in whom women had a very impressive presence, then marched toward Si-o-se Pol (33Pol Bridge) in a siege of repressive forces and pushing back the ranks of the mercenaries. A number of protesters prevented the advance of anti-riot forces by sitting down the street. A number of farmers also marched from Khorasgan towards Khaju Bridge. They chanted: Death to the oppressor, Peace be upon the farmer; farmer dies, he does not accept humiliation; victory comes from the God, death to this deceiving government is a deceitful person; Even if we die, we will get our water right; Zayandehrood water is our inalienable right; Our government is our shame; Liar Rouhani, where is our Zayandehrood; No nation has seen this much injustice; Police, beware, we are laborers not mobs; Our shame is our state Radio and TV.

Back in December, retirees held a demonstration in front of the Iranian regime parliament in the capital Tehran. Protesters had gathered from different cities of Iran. They protested against poverty and their bad economic situation.

In their protest in front of the parliament, the retired government employees, nurses and healthcare sector workers also chanted slogans in support of detained workers of Iran National Steel Industrial Group (INSIG). They also demanded the release of detained workers and teachers who were arrested during their peaceful strike during last months. They chanted:

The government is committing treason and the parliament is supporting it;
INSIG workers must be freed;
Detained teachers must be freed.”

While pointing out to the parliament, the protesters chanted, “Our enemies are here, not the U.S. as the government claims.”

Moreover, retirees in the city of Mashhad the capital of Khorasan Razavi province northeast Iran gathered in front of the building of Plan & Budget Organization in Mashhad in protest to their economic situation and their low wages. They held signs showing, “Our wages are based on rial but expenses are based on the dollar.”

Photos of the retirees protesting gathering in front of the regime’s parliament

Protesting gathering of retirees in front of the parliament in Tehran against poverty
Gathering of retirees in Tehran in protest to poverty in front of the regime’s parliament The sign reads, “Free education is our right.”
Tehran- a retiree holds a sign saying, “A proper life according to international standards is our feasible just right.”
An old retiree’s sign says, “We demand equal rights.”
A woman holds a sign showing, “We demand the restoration of the Retirees Organization under the supervision of a representative from the retirees’ community.”

por Parvaneh Farhangi, Economista, em Karaj, Irão

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