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Sábado, Junho 22, 2024
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Saharawi political prisoner reaches 28 days of Hunger Strike

Haddi, saharawi political prisoner reaches 28 days of Hunger Strike, receives death threats and his family house was attacked. The Saharawi political prisoner Mohamed Lamin...

Moroccan forces brutally beat Saharawi women

Yesterday at 19h44 (local time) in Bojadour, in the occupied territories of Western Sahara the Moroccan occupation forces brutally beat El Ouaara Khaya a...

Moroccan police tortures 12-year-old Saharawi girl

Hayat Moulay Ahmed Sidiya, a 12-year-old Saharawi girl, who attends school in occupied El Aaiun, Western Sahara was arrested in school and tortured by...

Detention and torture of young Saharawis by Moroccan comando groups

During the day nights of 14 and 15 November Moroccan Command groups invaded Saharawi families houses, mistreated and tortured entire families and made arbitrary...

Hamadi Naciri went into a coma

On the thirteenth day of hunger strike, Hamadi Naciri went into a coma on Saturday, April 30, and was taken to the hospital emergency...
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